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When Life Gives You Math, You Make Mathematicians.

When Life Gives You Math, You Make Mathematicians.


Everyone can learn mathematics. Teachers play a tremendous role in student success by appropriately scaffolding learning experiences. In this workshop teachers will learn how to differentiate mathematics instruction to support struggling learners, enrich advanced learners, and make the most of precious instructional time. Participants will leave the workshop with evidence-based strategies that can be implemented immediately and practices that will help teachers plan for long-term successes. The workshop is interactive, and participants will leave with resources that can be used in the classroom

-use concrete representations and semi-concrete representations to develop conceptual understanding
-understand making the most out of modeling and guided practice, such as
-Explicit instruction
-Examples and non-examples
-Metacognitive talk
-learn differentiating practice opportunities within a mixed-ability classroom, such as
-Worked examples
-Interleaved solved solutions
-Guided notes
-examine promoting maintenance, such as
-Spaced learning over time
-Self-regulation strategy development

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