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Strategies for Differentiating Instruction to Support All Learners

Strategies for Differentiating Instruction to Support All Learners

Educators and administrative assistants
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

It has been said that there is no better measure of a school’s culture than how inclusive it is of its most vulnerable students. Tomlinson’s model of Differentiation provides tailored instruction to meet the needs of individual students. By differentiating content, process, products, or the learning environment coupled with ongoing assessment and flexible grouping, this becomes a successful approach to instruction.

Examine Dr. Shanahan’s innovative 4-tier model of Response to Intervention (RTI) and learn how to interface with the Intervention and Referral Service Committee (I&RS) for optimum collaboration for student progress
Learn methods and instructional strategies to match learner’s needs
Review choice boards, learning stations, scaffolding, cooperative learning/learning pods, project-based instruction, and continuous classroom improvement (CCI)
Discuss ways to effectively work in collaboration with in-class support teachers and paraprofessionals for optimum support

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