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Scaffolding Writing Instruction That Supports NJSLS K-8

Scaffolding Writing Instruction That Supports NJSLS K-8


“Writing is not caught, it must be taught,” Dr. Anita Archer. Teaching structured, consistent lessons in composition helps students to become better communicators and most importantly improves reading skills. The skills taught in writing build upon foundational skills.

Workshop details effective methods for teaching expository writing; persuasive essays, informational pieces and narratives. Focus is on developing student engagement, creating a writing identity, using meaning, organizational skills, structure, elaboration, word choice, conventions of spelling, grammar and punctuation

Learn how to scaffold standard forms of writing instruction: explicit instruction, breaking down tasks, judicious practice, immediate feedback, and frontloading information
Share various writing frames, acronyms for support, rubrics, and scaffolded instruction
Examine ways to nurture student-peer collaboration, editing and support

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