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Rethinking and Redesigning Science Teaching and Learning

Rethinking and Redesigning Science Teaching and Learning

K 6 – 12 Teachers and Supervisors

New Jersey’s new science standards, based on the Next Generation Science Standards, calls for a three-dimensional approach to science teaching and learning with a focus on Science and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Disciplinary Core Ideas.

The conceptual and instructional shifts identified in the new Standards will be discussed. A major segment of the workshop will focus on the Nature of Science, facilitating the NGSS practice of students asking their own questions, and integrating engineering into the science curriculum.

explore the three dimensions of the standards
recognize and plan for the conceptual and instructional shifts in teaching and learning science
actualize a strategy that will facilitate students asking their own questions to drive their learning
demonstrate an understanding of what science is and isn’t (the Nature of Science)
utilize the Engineering Design Process to solve an engineering challenge

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