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Music and Well-Being

Music and Well-Being


Music is all around us and is an integral part of our lives. When you hear your favorite song how does it make you feel? Teacher well-being is of paramount importance in helping them be at their very best for their students.

Music has the ability to inspire and motivate, lower stress, energize, activate memory, boost cognition, improve mood, and enhance performance.

This workshop will explore the science and psychology of how music positively enhances our well-being. Teachers will learn mindfulness techniques and how to apply them to enhance their relationship to music and song, thus enhancing their own well-being.

The integration of music into the classroom setting to enhance instruction, learning, and the culture and environment of the classroom are explored with practical and engaging activities and ideas.

Tune in, turn it on, and listen as you learn the many benefits that music can play in our daily lives to enhance our wellness

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