Mindfulness and Social Emotional Awareness: The 21st Century Superpowers for Teachers and Students

PreK-12 Teachers and supervisors

This experiential workshop meets teachers where they are on their journey to creating a mindful classroom and life so they can support their emotional needs as well as the needs of their students. Participants will explore mindfulness by definition and understand the value of mindfulness and emotional awareness as superpowers for both teachers and students. We will uncover the science behind mindfulness and its ability to change the brain, decreasing stress, improving mood, increasing focus, and performance. Quick easy to implement mindfulness practices for both teachers and students will be reviewed. Lastly, participants will explore the practice of mindfully setting intentions in the classroom before learning objectives. Setting intentions shapes and informs every aspect of teaching and learning.

These powerful mindful practices allow teachers to manage their stress and bring a contagious energy to their classroom positively shaping the learning environment. Teachers will leave this session with a concrete reminder of this superpower and energized to return to the classroom.

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