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Mindful Athletic Coaching

Mindful Athletic Coaching

SEL/ Mindfulness

This highly motivating and interactive workshop is designed specifically for the middle school and high school coach. This highly inspiring and motivational seminar focuses on mindfulness, mindset, confidence, optimism, resiliency, and self-efficacy in bringing out the maximum best in coaches and ultimately their athletes. Most coaches know the physical side of coaching and possess an incredible knowledge of the sport. We provide the difference by teaching our “keys” in an easily integrated manner into practice and games. Participants are provided with easy to integrate examples for any sport they coach. Coaches will develop their own “Personal Coaching Success Plan” for efficient integration of these principles into practice and games.

-explore mindful and present moment coaching techniques that can easily be integrated into practice and games.
-examine the development of a positive mindset and how this impacts the attainment of team goals.
-understand the power of optimism and how it improves our perspective as a coach.
-learn about the Self-Efficacy/Confidence paradigm for doing our best in all situations for winning and success.
-analyze explanatory style and how it impacts resiliency and learning from setbacks and losses.

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