Lesson Planning To Maximize Student Growth In Mathematics

Lesson Planning To Maximize Student Growth In Mathematics

Teachers and supervisors

Wouldn’t you like to hear your students say, “Wow, I can’t believe math class is over. It went so fast; it was really fun!

Well-designed lessons consider INTRODUCTIONS, MODELING, INVESTIGATIONS, PRACTICE, COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION, APPLICATIONS, MONITORING and ASSESSMENTS. But they also involve the students as they learn about their needs and communicate with each other and their teacher.

Plans consider different ways for material to be taught, learned, analyzed and assessed. They make learning fun, interesting, do-able and challenging at the same time. Students sometimes work alone, sometimes in pairs or in teams, or as a whole class. They may learn to evaluate their own needs and keep track of their growth.
Teaching is both a skill and an art. Skills can be learned, but the art comes from the heart. Combining both as you plan leads to the best experiences for everyone.

Let this workshop lead you to effective, efficient and creative lessons. Whether 45-minute classes or double-period sessions, differentiated planning can keep ALL students engaged, learning and enjoying as they grow towards goals and objectives they finally understand.

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