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Increase Your Students’ Success on Math Assessments

Increase Your Students’ Success on Math Assessments

Teachers and supervisors

How do you as an educator take the next steps to move from overwhelming data and standards-based instruction to meaningful, appropriate, do-able assessments?

How can in-class quizzes and tests help students grow from success with traditional, familiar tasks, to success with the rigor and format of state assessments?

In these workshops you will experience NJSLS/PARCC-like assessments, investigate a wealth of resources, and learn how to coordinate tests that will assess students as you help them move comfortably from the traditional to master “newer” expectations.

Leave with sample tests plus templates and online resources that mimic NJSLS content, structure and format. Use your new skills; know where to access the content you need for more appropriate assessments. Work alone or with colleagues. Investigate working from familiar material and learn how to gradually move to the more varied, complex and rigorous expectations of NJSLS1 and PARCC2.

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