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Differentiate Instruction In Math: “It’s Not As Hard As You Think!”

Differentiate Instruction In Math: “It’s Not As Hard As You Think!”

Teachers and supervisors

In many districts students and parents are now permitted to select the course-level of their choice, even if it is not the student’s recommended placement. Teachers are faced with new challenges. How can we, as caring, dedicated professional educators, teach students at different levels of understanding and backgrounds at the same time? Can we realistically meet the needs of each student?

In these workshops, we will review the latest research with appropriate course level content. Teachers will experience a range of effective instructional and learning strategies and specific activities to keep ALL students motivated, engaged, learning and succeeding. Yes, we can meet their needs.

Included will be strategies and activities for warm-ups, investigations, practice, review and homework. Multi-formatted tasks will help you plan for student-to-student communications, modify material and create options. All, will naturally focus on Math Practice Standards1 and NJSLS2. Everyone will leave with material to use next week, plus templates and resources to modify for original models.

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