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Curating “A Wonder of Learning” Culture for Your Students

Curating “A Wonder of Learning” Culture for Your Students

Teachers, early childhood supervisors and curriculum coordinators.

Are you a master teacher yearning to expand yourself in your work? Or are you a new teacher who is eager and curious to bring authentic, organic learning into your classroom? Finding the balance between our passions of teaching and the goals of standard based learning is an intricate dance. Yes, it can be accomplished through the balance of rigor and play and ultimately joy for all. In this workshop, we will explore how to construct a classroom that fosters creativity, curiosity, autonomy and thinking.

- reflect upon their values and beliefs of what’s most important in early childhood learning environments
- learn how a constructivist approach (Lev Vygotsky and Jerome Bruner) can inspire educators to develop inquiry and project-based learning activities that are student driven and engage all learners
- understand how documenting student interactions, in a variety of formats, makes learning visible and foster collaboration with the school community
- examine how our classroom and neighborhoods can be the third teacher in the learning process

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