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Building Effective Leadership Teams,

Building Effective Leadership Teams,

School and Central Office Administration and Education Leaders
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High performing, cohesive leadership teams in schools are more critical than ever. After 3 challenging years in education, many of us are leading from burn out, exhaustion, and survival mode. All understandable.
However, just because we are working in groups does not mean we have developed high performing teams.
High performing teams develop a relationship grounded in mutual trust and respect to support the school’s values and vision. It’s about leveraging our social-emotional awareness to create habits and systems that support a strong working relationship for all. It’s about stepping back, reflecting, and learning new strategies to elevate the consciousness of our overall educational leadership.

Focus on the benefits of investing in the 3 intelligence quotients (IQ, EQ, BQ) in order to be a successful leader and team player. ● Identify the 5 competencies of emotional intelligence and how we can develop higher emotional quotients to create trust and respect.
● Explain the most important model for being an emotionally intelligent and conscious educator.
● Identify an awareness around where we fall on that model. ● Construct meaning around how we can use this emotionally intelligent framework to build effective trusting relationships at work- the cornerstone for solid teams.

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