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“The Optimistic School”

“The Optimistic School”

SEL/ Mindfulness

“The Optimistic School” seminar is transforming the way schools view themselves as a functioning organization. The climate and culture of a school are based on the people (administrators, teachers, students, parents, and support staff) and our “Keys” are what will set your school apart from the rest.

Topics include:

Optimism and it’s Profound Impact School Climate and Culture

Growth Mindset and Student Achievement

The Optimistic Teacher

Resiliency and Overcoming Setbacks

The Confidence Self-Efficacy Paradigm for Success

This deeply inspiring and highly motivational seminar focuses on growth mindset, optimism, confidence, resiliency, self-efficacy, and leadership into a philosophy and attitude that members of your school community will embrace and cherish. In these days of increased accountability, state standards, teacher evaluation, high stakes testing, data and financial constraints our “keys” are exactly what every school needs. All participants walk away with a transformed outlook on life and that anything is possible both personally and professionally.

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