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Education Evangelist

Toni has over 35 years as an experienced teacher, supervisor, administrator, mentor, academic coach, presenter and consultant. Toni is a highly experienced curriculum leader possessing the necessary skills to enhance student achievement at all grades (elementary, secondary and post-secondary) by providing teachers and administrators with informative and interactive professional development workshops designed to empower and enhance their performance as teachers and leaders. She is a dynamic educator possessing strong communication and leadership skills to move districts toward their goals. She helps them by clearly articulating goals, gaining consensus and working through a spirit of collaboration and partnership by respectfully acknowledging all stakeholders. She has made documented school improvements through the creation and implementation of data related and targeted action plans within districts and at state levels. She has worked with underperforming districts for many years to improve the lives of at risk students. She is a true visionary who never sees “what is”, but “what can be.”

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