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Education Evangelist

Lisa Lyons is a certified special education teacher with over 28 years of experience. She is dedicated to making learning engaging and effective by adapting and customizing lessons to accommodate individual learning styles and needs. Lisa is a collaborative leader and valued team member who believes in building a sound support system for teachers to produce higher-level educators, resulting in significant results in student academic growth. Her innovative ideas, excellent organizational skills, and enthusiasm make her a problem solver, and she strives to instill a true love for learning in students, resulting in higher academic and social-emotional achievement.
As a staff developer and educational technology consultant, Lisa is aware of today's trends and continuously seeks innovative ways to improve educational practices and increase productivity. She aims to equip educators with learning tools that enhance their skills and increase independence for students, regardless of learning style and ability.
As a mother of a child with learning disabilities, Lisa has firsthand experience with the struggles that students with varied needs face throughout their years of education. She believes that it is essential for educators to guide students through the process of self-reflection, which will help them understand their strengths, challenges, and build self-confidence. Lisa utilizes her expertise to empower teachers to implement effective classroom practices and create materials tailored to individual needs.

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