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Workshop: Using Interactive Read-Alouds to Foster Culturally Responsive Practices with Your Students

Audience: Grades K-3 and 4-8 

Length: Half Day Workshop

 Participants will explore the purpose and possibilities of culturally responsive practices through inter-active read aloud . 

Participants will create an age appropriate culturally relevant read aloud that they can implement at any time during the school year. A format of interactive read aloud will be modeled with participants

Participants will also understand how to develop deep level questioning and discussion that can be used to  support student personal, social and literacy development. 

The participant will be able to learn how to model the benefits of read aloud to:

  1. Build vocabulary.

  2. Develop understanding of cultural diversity 

  3. Scaffold varying levels of thinking.

  4. Teach the reading process in a meaningful context.

  5. Model fluency

  6. Motivate students to read.

  7. Foster active listening 

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