Educational Consultant, Tutor, Reading Specialist 


Janice Alvarez has worked in the Jersey City education system for 16 years. She began as a third-grade teacher, and then taught middle school mathematics and language arts for eight years, before becoming a K-8 reading specialist. She is also an adjunct literacy professor at New Jersey City University where she teaches pre-service teachers the importance of literacy in all content areas. 
Janice was the 2018 New Jersey Literacy Association’s Literacy Teacher of the Year, and the 2017 Governor’s Educator of the Year. She has been involved in various pro-bono community activities involving the ILA, NJLA, and NJAMLE, as well as serves as secretary for Children and Family Resources of Mount Arlington. She is currently working on her doctorate in Educational Leadership. 
Janice is passionate about education and is heavily involved in empowering teachers to follow best practices by providing engaging professional development opportunities. She has presented at various conferences including one’s NJCTE, NJAMLE, and the ILA. She also writes several blogs and is currently working on creating her own website and book.  She honors all educators and believes in their capacity to change the world one student at a time!

Janice's Workshops

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead : Integrating STEAM in the Hybrid Classroom

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead : Integrating STEAM in the Hybrid Classroom

STEAM is an educational approach that uses Science, Technology, Engineering , the Arts, and Mathematics to guide student inquiry dialogue and thinking . This workshop will allow participants an opportunity to systematically plan hybrid, cross-curricular lessons that allow students to think through real worl problems and figure out the best solutions



Hook Your Students Using Innovative Hybrid Strategies

Hook Your Students Using Innovative Hybrid Strategies

Develop a culturally responsive digital library to use during small group instruction
Create a Project Based Learning activity that integrates voice and choice, SEL strategies and real world applications using a pre-generated template that can be reused and adjusted based on individual learning styles
Explore various strategies and pre-generated literature circle templates to implement during small group instruction