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Aimee Nittolo is an innovative educational leader with a nearly twenty-year career in education that has been extraordinarily rich and remarkable. In her first few years as a teacher, she found herself thirsty for more professional knowledge and wanting to provide a better learning experience for her students.  She had been teaching for seven years in first grade, third grade, and middle school language arts when she became a teacher in a district whose leadership valued and encouraged ongoing professional development.  She enthusiastically took advantage of every opportunity to learn from the authors, scholars, and professors who are experts on the best and current student-centered ideas and methods in education such as the workshop model, The 20time Project, and The Patterns of Thinking Method.  The unique training she received sparked a passion about the existence and significance of literacy in every discipline, so she then became an instructional coach, pursuing a Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in children’s literature from Penn State. She then embraced the incredible opportunity to train in Design Thinking at the Institute for Innovation in Atlanta, Georgia, and created a way to bring it into K-8 classrooms.  She has trained teachers within her district in the art of data collection and analysis to drive instructional practices, leading to an increase in student achievement.  She has led numerous other professional development workshops in topics ranging from implementing The 20time Project, to literacy to innovation to yoga, SEL and mindfulness, and she is a co-owner of an educational consulting firm.  Aimee has a Masters degree in educational leadership and is currently a Supervisor of Student Services where sbe supports students, teachers, staff, and families in our mutual goal of meeting the needs of every student.   

Aimee's Workshops

Special Education

Enhancing Instructional Strategies to Meet The Needs of ALL Students

Discover specific instructional strategies that address the needs of all learners, regardless of varying levels. Included in the discussion will be strategies specific to subject, classroom configuration and its effect on differentiation, and what teachers can do to better address each student's needs. Strategies that will be explored include: Utilizing real-world problems as an instructional tool to reach all students as well as conferencing with an individual student on writing and reading, and the extraordinary benefits of this time with them.



All Content Areas

Engaging Every Student in Learning

Take the mystery out of student engagement. Practical, straightforward approaches to reaching those students who need something different than “read the chapter, answer the questions”. Discussion will also include the implications of virtual learning on engagement, with strategies to overcome these challenges.




Creating Workshop Model Classrooms and Instruction

How do teachers incorporate the Workshop Model into their classroom environment and instruction? A step-by-step guide to demonstrate the value of Workshop to student learning and benefit to instruction, how to transition to and implement, and what a successful Workshop Model looks like in the classroom.



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