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Realign: Working Smarter Not Harder

Realign: Working Smarter Not Harder

Teachers, Supervisors, School Leaders, Coaches and Curriculum Directors
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Based on what you already know to be the foundations for high-quality instruction, join a discussion on how to streamline your efforts in order to work smarter, not harder. Educators will be encouraged to engage in a mindset shift that will benefit themselves and their students. Explore a framework to help each learner recover lost ground and make academic progress for the upcoming school year.

-understand how vertical articulation around the vital standards will be a key pathway for redesigning lesson development and key delivery; Align key assessments to vital standards to gain valuable data that can drive future instruction and allow for progress monitoring; Explore a tiered framework for using instructional and invention supports in a way that targets students' specific, skill-based needs

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