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Positive Education

Positive Education

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Positive Education focuses on skills and practices that support students in increasing positive emotions, strengthening relationships, building resilience, promoting mindfulness, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and enhancing student learning and growth. This seminar is focused on introducing a positive approach to education and promoting well-being and happiness within the school environment for students’ teachers and the school community as a whole.

Participants will be introduced to key concepts of positive psychology as they relate to the positive education movement in making a significant difference in the school and classroom environment in supporting both fundamental social emotional competencies as well as academic achievement.

-secure an understanding of Positive Psychology fundamentals and their relevant application to Positive Education
-identify and explain the elements of the PERMA Model which articulates the five essential principles necessary for wellbeing
-explore and discuss the synergy between well-being and student learning and growth.
--interpret and examine how to increase optimism, resilience, gratitude, and well-being into any school or classroom.
-analyze and discuss current Positive Education research-based practices and their impact on school communities, teachers, and students.

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