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Addressing Social Behaviors After a Worldwide Pandemic

Addressing Social Behaviors After a Worldwide Pandemic


General education. and special education students alike were lonely during the pandemic. Equity among learners including WIFI, technology access, gaming systems, phones, nourishment, a stable learning environment, and sufficient workspace became a growing issue. Many students spent less than two hours a day on virtual school for more than a year as others tried to connect with peers through gaming headsets, or with neighborhood kids. Most spent countless days without peer contact. Extracurricular clubs and sports gave way to binge watching and video gaming. Building back already deficient or challenging social behaviors and breaking poor habits has now fallen on classroom teachers.

-identify ways to engage students in and out of the classroom to grow positive, productive social behaviors and habits.
-examine how classroom teachers can functionally access social-emotional learning (SEL) consistently.
-consider how gratitude can improve students’ social behaviors in and out of school.

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