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Education Evangelist

Along with being an 8th grade English teacher, Erin Tashian is also the founder of Teaching With Awareness, a professional development program that creates a movement of teachers so aligned to their purpose they foster a mindful social-emotional experience for their students.
Erin has been named teacher of the year in Ridgewood, New Jersey and has presented at many educational conferences, most notably the AMLE National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the National At-Risk Youth Conference in Savannah, Georgia.
Erin is also the host of The Mindful Educators Podcast, a resource for educators who are looking to bring mindful awareness to their teaching and their life.
Erin fuses her 30 years of teaching in one of New Jersey's most competitive school districts with her Masters in Reading and multiple yoga certifications to perfect the framework of her Teaching with Awareness program. The result is a mindfulness-based teaching and learning experience that yields connected teachers and critical thinkers equipped with self-awareness, self-regulating skills and an ability to steadily navigate life's challenges. It is her belief that it is our responsibility as educators to create classroom communities that support students in excelling both academically and emotionally, without losing the rigor and edge they need to succeed and compete in the 21st century.

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