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Reaching All Students

Reaching All Students

Trying to reach all students is certainly a lofty, but necessary goal for the sake of our children. MTSS, Multi-Tiered System of Supports, is a framework that helps educators provide academic and behavioral strategies for students by offering high-quality classroom instruction. MTSS is proactive, helping to identify students with academic or behavioral needs early, by using universal screening of all students early in the school year. Ongoing data collection and continual formative assessments are crucial to inform instruction. It is most successful when there is a schoolwide approach to expectations and supports.

Recently I worked with a group of dedicated, eager, elementary ELA teachers in a NJ school district that has decided to focus this year on using the MTSS framework to address students who are in Tier 1. This tier focuses on best practices, differentiated instruction, and is constantly refined. A majority of students (75-90%) fall in this tier and their needs can be addressed by the classroom teacher who is well-equipped with tools, interventions, and strategies to target the needs of the students. That’s where my colleague and I come in to support the educators.

We will work closely with the teachers to use pre-assessment and ongoing data collection to determine what the needs are of the various students. Using a problem-solving team approach, we will collaborate and make decisions to proactively support students’ needs interventions. We know that in order for this to succeed, the teachers must first get to know their students and build a relationship with each one.

We will take on the role as collaborator, coach, problem-solver, resource collector and co-teacher to support teachers. The support of the educational leadership in this district is sure to enable its success.

I look forward to working with these teachers to help them improve their craft of teaching ELA to a diverse group of students, with the hope of improving student learning through positive supports.

Check out Elevate Educators’ 2022-2023 Professional Learning brochure which outlines many of the topics that school districts are inquiring about. Elevate Educators will also work closely with your team to design and develop a workshop, coaching model and mentoring program that meets your teachers’ professional learning goals.

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