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Empowering Teachers with ChatGPT- Tips, Tools and Techniques

Almost one year ago, ChatGPT made headlines for being the First major AI chatbot to hit the market. Over this last year, several key insights have emerged regarding the use of ChatGPT in education. We have seen a shift in schools previously blocking access to ChatGPT on school computers and networks to now having educators embrace the tool for their own instruction in order to enhance individual student learning.

Being a Director of Technology, I inherently knew that blocking the tool from students would be the answer as students could easily use personal devices or external networks to access ChatGPT. We needed to empower teachers with an understanding of the tool, how it worked and how they could use it to improve their efficiency in the classroom. AI chatbots can be a valuable tool for teachers looking to engage and educate their students in new and exciting ways. ChatGPT can help teachers save time, improve student skills, and enhance their classroom lessons.

For teachers, ChatGPT has the ability to easily cut lesson creation time in half, if not more. Teachers should consider using the tool to help create a first drafts of writing tasks such as a welcome-to-class letter, volunteer and donation requests, supply lists, assembly programs, and permission slips. Teachers can also use ChatGPT to quickly create a variety of learning materials, such as review questions to check for understanding of a lesson, lesson plans, rubrics, writing prompt ideas and so much more!

For students, they need to be shown that ChatGPT can improve, not replace, their writing.

Students can ask the bot to help generate ideas or outlines for writing assignments. It can also assist in proofreading by identifying grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and spelling errors It also has the ability to review writing assignments and offer suggestions to improve clarity, coherence, and overall writing style.

While concerns about its potential misuse and academic dishonesty are understandable and need to be addressed, there are also so many potential benefits that can be used by teachers and students. As education continues to evolve in a digital age, embracing tools like ChatGPT can be a pivotal step toward enhancing the learning experience and preparing students for a technologically advanced world integrated with AI!

If you would like more information or provide training for staff on the use of AI Chat bots like ChatGPT in schools, consider our half day training on ChatGPT!

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